Quality Control and Safety Policy

SKYhub and OPT continually ensure that the quality of services provided to our customers’ is of the highest standards and complies with government regulations in the region.  Regular safety and quality inspections are conducted on vehicles and service providers, such as hotels and restaurants, and we also continually monitor the quality of service and safety standards that are provided by tour guides and drivers. 

Coach and Bus Travel

  1. Coach and bus companies that are used for customer transportation are accredited and licensed as required by state governments.
  2. Coach and bus companies are members of industry associations.
  3. Regular vehicle safety inspections are conducted to comply with state government regulations.
  4. All coach and bus companies used for services are fully insured.
  5. The above conditions also apply to subcontractors used provide services to customers.
  6. Vehicles are required to be fitted with seatbelts for passengers.

Drivers and Tour Guides

  1. Drivers are required by law to hold the correct class licence for the vehicles they are driving.
  2. Drivers are required to adhere to safe driving regulations.
  3. The total working hours and distance that a driver has completed is recorded and continually monitored
  4. The drivers’ working hours and driving distances are managed as per government regulations.
  5. The service standards of the driver are continually checked to ensure quality.
  6. Regulations are updated as required by law.
  7. Regular training is provided for drivers and tour guides.
  8. Drivers and guides are required to strictly adhere to our guideline manual and regulations.